Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine

My writing as a columnist and features contributor for the UK’s best-selling tattoo magazine Skin Deep includes the following:


  • Column
    “Good friends ’till the very end, our tattoos are always there for us”


  • Column
    “To say these marks on my skin are a conversation starter would be somewhat of an understatement”
  • Type Faces
    Interview with artist Andreas Vrontis, who makes portrait tattoos from thousands of tiny letters, numbers and punctuation marks


  • The Lost World
    A look at the natural world and declining species alongside the increasing popularity of tattoos (e.g. could our tiger tattoos outlive the subjects themselves?)
  • Column
    “These experiences are in your hands, only you can make the decisions and ultimately be in control of the memories created in the end”


  • The World Within
    Interview with tattoo-inspired illustrative artist Broken Isn’t Bad
  • Breaking The Silence
    Interview with a Polish tattoo artist taking the world by storm, Eugene Nedelko, aka Dusty Past
  • Column
    “Getting tattooed has taught me a lot over the years”


  • Beyond The Darkness
    Interview with travelling tattooist and blackwork enthusiast Belle Atrix.
  • Child’s Play
    Feature about tattooing, pregnancy and breastfeeding and whether they mix. An in-depth exploration featuring interviews with tattooists Will Gee, Hannya Jayne, Colin Dale, Hollie May Wall and Toni Moore.
  • Column
    “Will this continually improving artform start to be seen by the world as having its shit together?”


  • The Pain Of Others
    Interview with Chris Bintt, founder of new project ‘Did It Hurt?’
  • The Royal Family
    Feature on Helsingør’s famous tattoo shop, Royal Tattoo (Denmark) – a guide to the area through the eyes of the tattooists that live there
  • Column
    “Life is a journey and so is your tattoo collection”

ISSUE 295 (OCTOBER 2018)

  • The Daily Fight
    Update on how tattoo brand LifesInked is raising money for mental health charity Mind
  • Spirit Evolution
    Tattooing from the perspective of one of the greatest blackwork artists, Mumia
  • Into The Wild
  • Interview with Birmingham-based nature enthusiast and tattooist Charlotte Timmons
  • Column
    “Mental health is – and always will be – just as important as physical health”


  • Carving The Future
    I talk to tattoo artist Welle Frangette about her recent lino project which brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘tattoo stencil’
  • The Thin Red Line
    Feature on Athens-based Chris Papadakis who talks about his unique tattoo style ‘glam traditional’
  • Black Out
    The beauty of solid black-out tattoos – an interview with Canadian artist Sarb
  • Column
    “Sometimes it’s a wonderful thing to not know all of the answers”


  • Back To The Future
    Interviews with tattooists all over the world, who look back at their first ever tattoos and reflect on their progression over the years
  • The Sound Man
    An exploration of sound-wave tattoos and an interview with Skin Motion company director and tattoo artist Nate Siggard
  • Black and Yellow
    Spotlight on tattoo artist and master of these two colours, Jake Gordon
  • Column
    “If you’re inking your skin, you are resilient”

ISSUE 292 (AUGUST 2018)

  • Kings and Queens
    Reporting back on exploring the tattoo scene in Copenhagen, including 12 interviews and travel tips from some of the city’s best tattooists
  • Column
    “It can be hard to not get bogged down in all the serious stuff”

ISSUE 291 (JULY 2018)

  • Word On The Street
    Interview with typewriter artist and tattoo collector Tyler Knott Gregson
  • Column
    “We are here to challenge your perceptions of beauty and gender, so you better get ready”

ISSUE 290 (JUNE 2018)

  • Black Moon Rising
    A day in the life of the learner – interviews with tattoo apprentices artists Amy Whiting and Jodie Young (from Black Moon Tattoos)
  • The Art of Freedom
    Interview with tattooist Nicolas Gumo
  • Column
    “This is my story, my body, my canvas. I will always continue to decorate it. I will always continue to own it”

ISSUE 289 (JUNE 2018)

  • Rural Revolution
    The challenges of getting tattooed in a community where it’s not accepted, from the perspective of tattoo enthusiast Thomas Jüptner
  • To the Batcave
    Interview with tattooist and mistress of the ‘battoo’, Arienette Ashman
  • Column
    “Once something is put out into the public domain, in 2018 that often means it’s up for grabs”

ISSUE 288 (MAY 2018)

  • Flower in the Desert
    Interview with the queen of the floral tattoos, Alice Carrier
  • Column
    “Does getting tattooed frequently change the connection we have to our artworks?”

ISSUE 287 (APRIL 2018)

  • Column
    “Should you be getting that tattoo if you can’t really afford it?”

ISSUE 286 (MARCH 2018)

  • The Beautiful People
    Interview with tattoo photographer Mandy Darling who showcases the beauty of inked people with intrigue
  • Column
    “What do our tattoos mean to us, and others? Is it any of their business?”


  • Into the Woods
    Interview with tattooist Marie Cox
  • Column
    “Lives are better when they’re a little bit wild”

ISSUE 284 (JANUARY 2018)

  • Upside Down
    The release of Ilaria Pauletti’s new tattoo zine
  • The Nature of Things
    Showcasing the botanical tattoos of Jessica Mach
  • Column
    “Exactly how powerful are tattoos?”


  • I Put a Spell on You
    Interview with hand-poke tattooist and tarot reader Rachel Howe aka Small Spells
  • Column
    “Tattoos aren’t just windows into our past, marks of current interest or personality – they are doorways, to entire new realities”


  • Breaking Ground
    The tattoo art projects and exhibitions of NR studios and how they’re impacting the industry and changing perceptions
  • Column
    “When preparing for a long tattoo session, it’s so important that you DON’T think about what you look like”

ISSUE 281 (OCTOBER 2017)

  • The Woman in Black
    Interview with tattooist Miss Jo Black
  • Column
    “Now is proving to be such an exciting time to get tattooed”


  • Forces of Nature
    In conversation with tattooist Holly Astral
  • The Needle and the Groove
    Interview with tattooist Olivier Poinsignon about his experimental tattoo and music art project
  • Column
    “Tattooing is a beautiful ritual between two parties that can never be communicated through any textbook”

ISSUE 279 (AUGUST 2017)

  • Pitch Black
    Investigating the rise of the black-out tattoo, featuring conversations with Jasn Basn, 3Kreuze and Sam Rivers
  • Column
    “Is the tattoo journey more important than the destination?”

ISSUE 278 (JULY 2017)

  • Timeless Beauty
    Interview with traditional tattooist Sashi McCormack
  • The Guest House
    Interviews with Tokyo Tattoo artists Sam Andrews, Russ Bishop and LaVale
  • Column
    “Call me crazy but I embrace this mental instability – I’ll take it over your numbing sanity any day”

ISSUE 277 (JUNE 2017)

  • United Passions
    Article focusing on the opening of new tattoo exhibition ‘Tattoo Art Today’ featuring interviews with co-curators Dr. Matt Lodder, Lal Hardy, Alice Snape and Alex Binnie
  • Inside Out
    Exploring Disney tattoos with Mae La Roux, Toni Gwilliam and Tiggy
  • Column
    “Let’s have a little chat about tattoo judgement”

ISSUE 276 (JUNE 2017)

  • Practical Magic
    Exploring the connection between tattoos and magic with tattoo artists and witchcraft enthusiasts Stephanie Houldsworth and Helena Darling
  • Peaky Blinders
    Interviews with Birmingham-based artists Max Rathbone, Isobel Morton, Pauly, Rob Chatterley, Emily Carroll and Raine Knight
  • Column
    “Whether you’re a tattooists, plumber, doctor or clearer, we all want to be truly good at what we do”

ISSUE 275 (MAY 2017)

  • Brothers and Sisters
    Exploring the tattoo scene in Leicester featuring interviews with Clare Lambert, Pablo Griffin, Emjay, Mike Love, JibberJabber Jo, Tari Tella, Kiah O’Rourke, Lydia Amor and Brett Murray
  • Act of Faith
    Exploring tattoos, faith and judgement with tattoo enthusiast Kendyl Noor Aurora
  • Column
    “At what point do we admit tattoo addiction?”

ISSUE 274 (APRIL 2017)

  • Different Strokes
    Investigating the rise of watercolour tattooing, featuring interviews with three of the UK’s most well-known artists specialising in this style: Angharad Chappelle, Danielle Merricks, Josie Sexton
  • Weird Science
    Unearthing the meaning behind geometric tattoos, featuring interviews with Alex Stark, Jessi James, Kieran Williams and Chris Bintt
  • Column
    “Questions from others about the lastingness of our tattoos is nothing more than evidence of their own blindness”

ISSUE 273 (MARCH 2017)

  • Beware the Thing
    Interview with Fareed Kaviani, owner of The Thing Gallery
  • Made of Scars
    Interview with scarification artist Leah Stanmore
  • Column
    “What about the invisible relationships tattoos have with their wearers, the impact these seemingly trivial designs have on their clients?”


  • The Writing on the Wall
    Interview with script tattooist Jimmu Scribble
  • Column
    “Whether that’s being on television or not, go conquer your dreams. Go, be victorious”

ISSUE 271 (JANUARY 2017)

  • The Never-Ending Story
    Interview with tattoo apprentice Shaun Williams
  • Column
    “Those of us who do modify our bodies… we’re exploring who we are on the outside and therefore on the inside”


  • Column
    “My tattoos… they are my magnets and I am the fridge”


  • BBC 4: Inked
    I discuss representing the industry on a new tattoo series for BBC Four
  • A Necessary Evil
    An exploration of the relationships between tattoos and pain, and how pain can change us whether we want it to or not
  • Column
    “[People] should be able to wear whatever the hell they want to, and feel they can – be it tattoos, green hair, a face full of piercings or a burka”

ISSUE 268 (OCTOBER 2016)

  • Convention Review – Tattoo Jam
    “I am tired, drained, hungry and sore, but buzzing with the vibrations of an overwhelming experience that will stay with me for a long time”
  • Column
    “Pop culture tattoos are so special because the worlds of others are infinitely better than our own”


  • Column
    “As we continue to get tattooed, do the opinions of those close to use get easier or harder to deal with?”

ISSUE 266 (AUGUST 2016)

  • Die Another Day
    A personal reflection on how one new tattoo by Stephanie Melbourne helped my anxiety
  • Column
    “Trust your instincts, value nature over money and family over power, remember your history and channel your ancestors”

ISSUE 265 (JULY 2016)

  • The Real Me
    Interview with portrait artist Frank Oriti
  • Super Furry Animals
    Talking cat tattoos with Becci Boo, Mike Love, Helena Darling, Zoe Fraser and more
  • Column
    “Some people get tattooed once and never return to do so in their lifetime. The rest of us, are transformed into weirdos who geek out about scarring their skin”

ISSUE 264 (JULY 2016)

  • Perfect Strangers
    Why Eleni Stefanou’s tattoo photography project ‘Women with Tattoos’ is surfacing at an appropriate time
  • Change of Perception
    Interviews with Cult XIII artists: Danny Edwards, Rob Spider, Sarah Thirteen and Chris Byrne
  • Column
    “Tattooing is art. It’s not a well-oiled, branded machine [but] bloody, colourful, crazy, stressful, weird and wonderful”

ISSUE 263 (JUNE 2016)

  • Art is Anarchy
    Interviews with Darker Half artists, Chris Weiss and Sebastian Mueller
  • Column
    “Greater than our passion for writing about tattoos is the enthusiasm of those tattoo artists who are the moment feel so mis-represented”

ISSUE 262 (MAY 2016)

  • Column
    “I’ve been thinking about my new tattoo and why it reminds me of home”

ISSUE 261 (APRIL 2016)

  • Pop Life
    Exploring pop culture icon tattoos with Ryan Ousley, Lucy Blue and Matt ‘Stickypop’ Daniels
  • Column
    “One size fits all is not something you encounter in the world of tattoos and I guess that’s the true beauty of what we do”

ISSUE 260 (MARCH 2016)

  • The Brotherhood: Part Two
    Interview with tattooist Alex Stark and photographer Katy -Jane Riches about how tattooing in Nepal is providing relief for those affected by the recent earthquake
  • Column
    “Should I take offence from someone suggesting that I should permanently alter my appearance?”


  • The Brotherhood: Part One
    Interview with tattooist Alex Stark and photographer Katy -Jane Riches about their recent trip to unearth tattooing in Nepal
  • Column
    “We collect and create our own self of state through what we wear, how we act and the manner in which we treat others.”

ISSUE 258 (JANUARY 2016)

  • Love: Unplugged
    Interview with hand-poke tattoo artist Mike Love
  • Column
    “It’s the one question we’ve all been asked – why do you get tattoos?”


  • Community Spirit
    Reflecting on my recent tattoo exhibition, Inked Palette, and how events are important in bringing the industry together. Exhibition featured the work of: Joanna Baker, David Brace, James Bull, Paula Castle, Aron Cowles, Nicola Cry, The Hores, Hannya Jayne, William Jones, Shirin Scales, Adam Thomas, Charlotte Timmons, Shaun Von Sleaze, Alex Stark, Shaun Williams, Kat Winifred, Niall Patterson, Katy-Jane Riches, Kate Livingston
  • Column
    “Is scrolling through your Instagram feed the same as looking at the tattoo in the centre of this page?”


  • Not Dying Naked
    Interview with Las Vegas artist Lil Guz about her in-progress bodysuit
  • Column
    “One day, will we stop looking back and all completely face forward together?”


  • Street Shop Life
    Interview with artists at newly-opened Dharma Tattoo London (Miles Monaghan, Dave Condon, Simon Erl)
  • Inked Pallete
    Preview piece on Inked Palette, a national tattoo exhibition I curated in Leamingon Spa
  • Column
    “Do we feel comfortable talking about our tattoos?”

ISSUE 254 (OCTOBER 2015)

  • Reality Bites
    What do we really think of tattoo reality TV shows? Featuring interviews with Shaun Von Sleaze, Will Gee, Kat Winifred and Jory Campion
  • Column
    “Can you give the gift of ink?”


  • The Power of Ink
    Why getting tattooed by Emma Garrard made one particular tattoo convention memorable
  • Column
    “As writers we’re often told what we should and shouldn’t write. often by the brands and big bosses around us”

ISSUE 252 (AUGUST 2015)

  • Never Say Die
    An exploration of how tattoos are linked to the concept of mortality
  • Aleatorium
    Tattooist Szymon Gdowicz’s new art project breaks away from traditional tattooing
  • Column
    “I have been wondering if the novelty of getting a tattoo ever wears off”

ISSUE 251 (JULY 2015)

  • Generation Tattoo
    Investigating tattooing today with tattooists César De Cesaro, Kat Winifred and Paula Castle
  • Column
    “We’ve all got a fuck it button and some of us press it more than others”

ISSUE 250 (JUNE 2015)

  • Sex, Drugs & Tattoo Shops
    An exploration of the tattoo scene in London’s Soho featuring interviews with Diamond Jacks Tattoo Parlour (Darryl Gates and Charles Wicks-Stephens) and Gypsy Stables (Bruno Jardim)
  • Column
    “We’re here to create and share good art… let’s just get along”

ISSUE 249 (MAY 2015)

  • Life is Beautiful
    Showcasing the work of tattoo photographer Niall Patterson
  • Column
    “Forcing your body through horrible endurance says something about your personality”