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I Choose Birmingham: ‘Till Death Do You Part

Take It From Mummy: 10 Things I Would Say To A New Mum

Restless Magazine: Expectation Is The Mother Of All Disappointment

Skin Deep: Do tattoos feed our imaginations?

Minimalism Life: Needing Stuff

Skin Deep: This one’s for all the losers

Skin Deep: Welcome to our tribe, this is how we roll

Skin Deep: What’s in a name?

Skin Deep: Could tattooing exist outside of the modern day studio?

Skin Deep: I clearly underestimated the phrase ‘start ’em young’

Skin Deep: Is it better to explore new territory or play it safe in your comfort zone?

Breech Babies Club: Breech Birth, Letting Go and Taking Control

Skin Deep: Our tattoos are always there for us

Skin Deep: Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a bit of distraction

Skin Deep: The Lost World

Skin Deep: Getting tattooed has taught me a lot over the years

Skin Deep: Is it OK to haggle money off your tattoo?

Skin Deep: Child’s Play

Skin Deep: Life is a journey and so is your tattoo collection

Minimalism Life: Living with Non-Minimalist Skin

Visit Holland: Memories re-lived: tattoos, travel and the SS Rotterdam

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